A letter




1. he had been walking. Saw her sitting and weeping. No idea why. Went to her, confused. She was numb. Seeing him, she started crying louder. he hugged her and kissed on her forehead. Not saying a word, he left. 2. at college, raining cats and dogs. On his way back home. Wet. Saw her […]

What Dies, Doesn’t Go To Heaven

It should be obvious to all of us that “eternal life” is imaginary. Simply by understanding the chemistry of life you can see why life after death is impossible. To understand how death works, we can start with a bacterium cell. A bacterium is a tiny bag (a cell membrane) filled with a variety of […]

What makes life worth living?

What makes life worth living? Its a question no one can understand and when I say no one I mean every living person on planet earth. The fact behind this statement is that we can never be fully satisfied with our present state. We keep yearning for more, keep longing for better and ignore the […]

BlackBerry OS 10: Simplicity Recreated.

Pros: Love the swipe gesture BB Balance is ingenious. crazy about the Keyboard… its the smartest in the market. The Time-Warp feature on the camera is genius. Hub is a neat way to glance at your entire updates. Cons: Maps feature is not so good, app store is weak, No ‘select all’ option.. Disappointing.  Summary: […]

I tried to explain, but I couldn’t.

You looked at me. A bus, at the crowded station. The words, who until that point had been waiting patiently in line, were too close to the edge. Sucked into the air stream and crushed unceremoniously beneath the grinding, metallic wheels. Damn. I tried to explain, but I couldn’t. You spoke to me. I grasped […]


Sometimes we all feel lost. Like we’re in a never ending maze… The ones with bizarre mirrors, that distort your appearance. We get lost, and we lose ourselves. We lose ourselves in false appearances, lies, and anything imaginable. We get lost. There’s a saying “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.” But […]