5 Tech Trends That Will Define 2018

Another year passed by and we saw some revolutionary technology breakthroughs that once were considered science-fiction only. Tech giants like Samsung and Apple introduced near bezel-free displays while smart assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa took the world by storm. As we’re halfway through the first month of 2018, we have already seen some […]

What Dies, Doesn’t Go To Heaven

It should be obvious to all of us that “eternal life” is imaginary. Simply by understanding the chemistry of life you can see why life after death is impossible. To understand how death works, we can start with a bacterium cell. A bacterium is a tiny bag (a cell membrane) filled with a variety of […]

What Happens Inside A Black Hole?

No one has ever seen what the center of a black hole looks like. This is because black holes are nothing more than extremely small and incredibly dense points of matter. Because so much matter has been packed into such a small space, the gravity inside a black hole is tremendous. So tremendous, in fact, […]

who is the I ?

“The past is imagined – but somewhat real – yes ? It happened – but ofcourse now exists in thought only – although physical ramifications of past actions are real – yes ? therefore from that point of view there is a reality ?” But let us go slowly. It happened — so it seems. […]

the concept of ‘me’

I agree that all sages have said that we have to know who we are – and unless we break free form the concept of the self and Maya – we are never going to understand the unverse and our relationship to it. And again the word ‘our’ comes into it – what does that […]

is Space God..? .

I am getting tired of the world trying to understand the universe and the Big Bang without trying to comprehend SPACE first. Because everything will come and go : there is one constant – SPACE – in which the universe is born – it dies – but Space is constant, immortal, infinite – Is Space […]