Full text of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s last address to the nation.

My Fellow Citizens,
I address you today for the last time as Prime
Minister of India. Ten years ago, when I was
entrusted with this responsibility, I entered upon it
with diligence as my tool, truth as my beacon and
a prayer that I might always do the right thing.
Today, as I prepare to lay down office, I am
aware that well before the final judgment that we
all await from the Almighty, there is judgment in
the court of public opinion that all elected
officials and governments are required to submit
themselves to.
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Singh’s last address to the nation.”

10 things India’s new Prime Minister should do.

As everyone expected, BJP forms the next
government. So, before everyone joins the
cacophony on what, who, when, why, where, why
not etc that the new government must do, I
looked around to see what is it that the new
dispensation needs to tackle to win over the
people of this country.
These are not economic mumbo-jumbo, nor
management jargon, but something that whoever
is entrusted with the job of running the nation
must bear in mind. Some of it we have read, but
there is a lot else that we know, but it gets lost in
the general push for what the economists alone
think is the panacea for this nation’s ailments.
So, here are my 10 suggestions for the new Prime
Minister and his government to follow. The list
can be a hundred long, but this can be a good
start, I feel.
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