Attention: This article contains heavy spoilers for Benedict Cumberbatch starrer SHERLOCK (season 1, season 2, season 3, The Abominable Bride, and season 4) that airs on BBC. If you haven’t caught up with the show, I recommend you a binge watch and then come back. Okay! Let’s talk about Sherlock. Everyone in their life must […]


Well, honestly, I don’t know what’s exactly going on in Assam right now. What we people are seeking for and what we want to prove. Why we all are always in a volatile state. Why we always tend to tear things apart. So much violence everywhere. Do we have any idea where we are going? […]

Why Are People So Stupid!

Such a deeply, deeply philosophical question. And yet so frequently asked as to be nearly universal. There are a multitude of reasons why people are so stupid, which partly explains stupidity’s enduring popularity as an abundant element of the universe. So we’ll list ’em, scientifically, and in no particular order. Reason #1: Stupidity works. You […]

How F-ed Up Are You!

How can I tell how personally Fucked Up I personally am? I mean, am I more fucked up than everyone else or not? How do I personally rank in the Fucked Up Derby? I’m curious. Good question. Everyone likes to rank themselves and compare themselves to others and to know where they stand. Just in […]


1. he had been walking. Saw her sitting and weeping. No idea why. Went to her, confused. She was numb. Seeing him, she started crying louder. he hugged her and kissed on her forehead. Not saying a word, he left. 2. at college, raining cats and dogs. On his way back home. Wet. Saw her […]

What makes life worth living?

What makes life worth living? Its a question no one can understand and when I say no one I mean every living person on planet earth. The fact behind this statement is that we can never be fully satisfied with our present state. We keep yearning for more, keep longing for better and ignore the […]


Sometimes we all feel lost. Like we’re in a never ending maze… The ones with bizarre mirrors, that distort your appearance. We get lost, and we lose ourselves. We lose ourselves in false appearances, lies, and anything imaginable. We get lost. There’s a saying “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.” But […]