Well, honestly, I don’t know what’s exactly going on in Assam right now. What we people are seeking for and what we want to prove. Why we all are always in a volatile state. Why we always tend to tear things apart. So much violence everywhere. Do we have any idea where we are going? We always put the blame on the government for any wrong that happens in Assam. Well, I’m not defending our government or the ministers, they are all guilty as well. But are we, the citizens doing what a citizen should do? If we honestly think for a moment, the answer would be a NO. There is a Linkin Park song and it goes something like this –

“you are guilty all the same.

too sick to be ashamed.

you want to point your finger,

but there’s no one else to blame”

Yes. these lines elegantly describe us. We always look for someone else to blame. Let me give you some scenarios.


A doctor makes some mistake and a patient dies in a hospital. It Doesn’t matter if it was unintended. So there we go, the angry fucking citizens without giving a damn about anything, beat the crap out of that doctor. We believe this is justice delivered to that unfortunate patient. Okay. Do we stop there? Obviously NOT. We tear that whole hospital apart and call ourselves concerned people. What the fuck is that for actually? It is not going to do anything good. If a single doctor makes a mistake then why target the whole hospital? There are some other people fighting with their lives in that same building, aren’t there? Who will think about them, if not us? Do we have any idea how much extra trouble it can cause? Who’s going to repair that building? Shall we? No? I thought so. We would rather block some highway doing hunger strike.


A riot forms somewhere (we are always demanding for something after all). Then the police arrives at the place to calm the mob down and to prevent any possible damage. So some faggot throws a stone at a police (yeah. It actually happens. I don’t know why, for entertainment maybe). It’s pretty obvious for that police guy to get angry at such moment. Then what happens? A brawl starts. The police gets outnumbered and experience some ass serious kicking. When things get out of control, lathi charge happens. and somehow the situation gets in under control. then the media thing happens, the same guy who pelted the stone can be seen playing the victim of police violence. He would be yelling at the news channel camera, “why didn’t the police help?” and the police become culprit for us. Whose fault was that actually? Why there is a bunch of people named POLICE? They are here to help us. And we should obey them. But in Assam, I don’t think people really cares about police. They are all villains for us. That’s why even police hesitates to help us.


Something goes wrong in a shopping mall. Things become out of control. What do we  people do then? (not all, but most of us) We take advantage of that situation and become some professional robbers. Who’s going to stop us? Everyone is busy taking goods for themselves.

PS : This incident actually happened once. In Guwahati. Don’t remember exactly when.


Is this what we are supposed to do?

There are countless incidents like this happening everyday. Only blaming the government and the police department will not going to stop them. This is our job to maintain peace in our land. Just like we have some fundamental rights, we have some fundamental duties as a citizen as well. We need to perform them. By looking at our current situations, I’m afraid there won’t be an ‘Assam’ left to feel proud of. Things are going wrong, terribly wrong everywhere. This is the time to act. It’s now or never. Let’s come forward and make things the way they should be. Let’s make sure our next generation won’t have to breathe in this all fucked up situation.

God bless our motherland.

© Manab





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