1. he had been walking. Saw her sitting and weeping. No idea why. Went to her, confused. She was numb. Seeing him, she started crying louder. he hugged her and kissed on her forehead. Not saying a word, he left.

2. at college, raining cats and dogs. On his way back home. Wet. Saw her coming towards him with an umbrella. Couldn’t stop himself from asking if he could share a little bit of room. She agreed happily. Felt like he was on cloud number nine. Both blushing. Chatted for a while. he had an agenda. Kissed her and ran away like a rat. Didn’t look back. Couldn’t.

3. together, talking, laughing. She had always been that shy type. Suddenly she came near him, stood on her toes and kissed him on lips. The whole world faded away.

4. exam hall. Both sitting together on one bench. Different subjects though. Seeing her so close to him he got nervous. It was an easy paper. His favourite one too. But couldn’t write anything. His hands shook. Mind went empty.

(to be continued)


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