What makes life worth living?

What makes life worth living? Its a question no one can
understand and when I say no one I mean every living
person on planet earth. The fact behind this statement is
that we can never be fully satisfied with our present state.
We keep yearning for more, keep longing for better and
ignore the small happy moments that we might have
enjoyed, had not it been our continuous search for that
‘something’ we believe is making our life worth living. I
may sound confusing to the one reading this but my
experience of life so far has taught me the fact that if you
are not happy with your present you are not going to have a
pleasant future.
To a teenager his friends (including Facebook and WhatsApp of
course) makes his/her life worth living. To a mother seeing
his child smile can be the most satisfying thing. To a job
seeker cracking the interview means the world to
him. Likewise for a lover, being with his/her beloved is the
only thing they yearn for all times. The e.g. list can be
endless because I find human beings to be very greedy and
lusty in terms of getting. This habit of having ALL and
losing NONE makes their life miserable.
What marks my point is if you are a person dearly and
madly in love with someone and circumstances leads you to
be getting separate with him/her, what will be your first
reaction. If you have raised your child against all odds,
facing such situations which no words can define and that
child is ashamed of even addressing you in front of his/her
friends what worst can happen to you. You prepared for an
interview with all your heart and soul and the job is given to
some one less deserving just because the interviewer didn’t
like your so called ATTITUDE, that will be end of the world
for you. Am I being paranoid about this losing situation?
May be I am. Let’s get back to the order side of the coin.
Having a child is one of the most satisfying as well as
toughest of things to happen to someone. Be happy about it
and prove that if you can teach a toddler his first word and
his first step, you are very much capable of raising your self
as well. Losing the most important job of your life will never
be the end of the world to you. That will be the end of one
opportunity which made you feel like a loser. Get up,
prepare again and hit the bull’s eye with more enthusiasm
and zeal. Prove to the world that failure is not about losing.
Rather it is about falling and refusing to get up again. For
lovers.. err… let’s move to a new paragraph.
While we are in love with someone no words are capable of
explaining how strong and weak you feel at the same
moment. You are able to conquer the world and at the same
time a small childish feeling kicks inside you when you are
in the company of that person. You can die for him/her, you
can leave the world for him, you can do any sacrifice. But
tables are turned when you two get separated, whatever the
situation might have been. You might feel like losing
everything. But there are some things which can still make
your life worth living. The very idea of love is complicated to
me. Love to me means being honest and open with
someone who accepts you at your worsts and bests. But
think about other people around you. Those people are your
family, your childhood buddies, your Facebook circle which likes
every status of yours, your friends who waits for you on
WhatsApp when you are in loo. Of course all this sound
rubbish when you are heart broken but for me making other
smile and finding happiness in it is the most satisfying
thing to do. And you need not to prove that you have moved
on, leaving your so called love behind. First love will
always be with you and it will always be that special but it
should be unconditional. At some point you have to realise
some people can live in your heart but not in your life.
Living is something makes your life worth living in itself.
No one can be as much important as your own self, be
selfish sometimes, make yourself happy. Make other people
smile as well. Its a two way process and happiness if the
most contagious disease in the world. If you are happy your
surrounding will always be lively. Life is a rare gift of God.
Parenthood, career and love are just a part of life not heart
of life.


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