BlackBerry OS 10: Simplicity Recreated.

Pros: Love the swipe gesture BB Balance is ingenious. crazy about the Keyboard… its the smartest in the market. The Time-Warp feature on the camera is genius. Hub is a neat way to glance at your entire updates.

Cons: Maps feature is not so good, app store is weak, No ‘select all’ option.. Disappointing. 

Summary: : Refreshingly different than the iOS and the Android. Bored with all the phone OS feeling the same… I like the BB10 OS , very clever, I love the Keyboard the most, it learns dynamically the words you use the most and you are able to include them in a message by a mere swipe of your thumb… Very ingenious… The sneak peek gestures are smart as well, unlike the other OS around, this one is a true multi- Tasking OS. you can choose to play videos and audio in the background while you are reading an email or any thing else.  And i think BB Balance takes the cake , where it actually works as a dual profile on the same phone… with all different settings as you chose to have.
There are a few drawbacks as well. BlackBerry Maps doesn’t work well in india. Though we can expect an update that can solve this. BlackBerry World is poor in app selection. so many useful apps are missing. like i had download a third party wordpress client to write this thing. i was really happy to know that it can run android apps as well. but it turned out to be a colossal disappointment. android don’t don’t work well. they lagg every now and then. we hope that BlackBerry can fix this as they’ve partnered with amazon to bring more apps to this platform.
i am staying on BB10 for now. I think BlackBerry is heading in the correct direction … wont be too long before the catch up to the big names again.. Keep up the good work. 
  © manab


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