Sometimes we all feel lost. Like we’re in a never ending
maze… The ones with bizarre mirrors, that distort your
appearance. We get lost, and we lose ourselves. We lose
ourselves in false appearances, lies, and anything
imaginable. We get lost.
There’s a saying “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is
about creating yourself.”
But sometimes we need to find ourselves, in order to be able
to create ourselves. And that can be one of the hardest
challenges we face. When we were younger, we were
always told to just be ourselves… Which was weird, because
how could we be anyone else? Then we got older, and
finally clued in to the whole thing.
Life is like a road trip. We have many stops along the way,
we get lost sometimes, and then end up in places we never
thought we would, we end up in places that we never even
knew existed. People help us along the way, and sometimes
we get stuck. Sometimes we are so lost, it feels like there is
no way out. A dead end.
Everyone gets lost. Confused. Scared. But that’s just a pit
But you know what? Sometimes it’s not the destination. It’s
the way we got there… And it’s not where we’re heading
that is important, it’s how we got there. Because how we
got there is this little thing called life.



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