Ohkay.. A New Start Of My Education Career.

hmm.. i’m kinda confused where to start..

since i sucked my last college exams and decided to start this anew [ http://wp.me/p4zyNH-F ] i took admission in the same class again. i was feeling like i would have an easy way out of this. i was excited not to mention.

so there i was eagerly waiting for summer vacation to end and to join the classes..

ahem ahem.. this part is pretty damn hard to explain. what happened next is that there i was going college with a big smile on the face today. conviencing myself that it will be good. the moment i entered the gate i started feeling sad. without having any knowledge of why. so i walked on and things got even worse..!! what have i done! is it worth what it cost? i met my friends and immediately got depressed.. DEPRESSED BEYOND ANY REMORSE. i won’t be able to sit next to them in the class room anymore. my brain then did what it supposed to do. started to recollect all the memories i had with them. well, this might be called Nostalgia, isn’t it? you just can’t concentrate on anything at that time. neither could i. my never shutting wordhole just got muted, for a while. then took my classes (but i’m having a quite hard time remembering what they taught, i was lost somewhere else). came back home feeling like wasted. god help !!

© manab


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