What Happens Inside A Black Hole?

No one has ever seen what the center of a black
hole looks like. This is because black holes are
nothing more than extremely small and incredibly
dense points of matter. Because so much matter
has been packed into such a small space, the
gravity inside a black hole is tremendous. So
tremendous, in fact, that not even light can
Since light cannot escape from the gravity of a
black hole, no light comes from them to human
eyes. This means they cannot be seen. A Black
Hole can only be observed when something
nearby is effected by its gravity. They can also be
detected because of other forms of energy they
radiate, such as X-radiation.
Physicists have theorized what might take place
inside a black hole. It is known what occurs to
matter as it approaches the black hole, because
until it reaches a certain point light is still able to
escape and the objects can still be viewed. Once
they reach what is known as the Event Horizon,
they cease to be visible and ‘disappear’ into the
black hole.
Relativity theory states that at the center of the
black hole, density becomes infinite, and because
of that all things travel towards the center. This
means that anything with mass will fall towards
the center at the fastest speed possible; the
speed of light. Because speed and time are
relative to the observer, from our point of view
here on Earth things simply disappear into the
hole. However, if a person were to pass the Event
Horizon, time would stop for that person. As the
person fell toward the center of the black hole at
the speed of light, his or her perception of the
passage of time would stop, because everything
would be moving at the speed of light in the
same direction. We only notice the passage of
time because of the way things move in space; if
everything were moving in the same direction at
the speed of light, we could not see anything
move and hence, we would not perceive the
passage of time. Everything would seem to stand
Physicists believe that anything which falls into a
black hole is simply compressed to a tiny,
invisible point with infinite density, which is
referred to as a ‘singularity’.
Whether or not a person would survive falling into
a black hole is a matter of some contention.
Some would argue that being compressed into a
singularity would undoubtedly result in death;
others say that since time stops when you pass
the Event Horizon, that person would live forever.
Some astrophysicists even believe that the matter
which falls into a black hole is discharged in
another location; another galaxy, or even a
parallel universe. However, though these theories
make for interesting movies and science fiction
novels, they are not widely believed by scientists.

© manab


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