Dumbest Laws from Around the World.


1. Kissing in Dubai.
States across the US have been known to have
some pretty stupid laws on the books, but
America isn’t the only one! Countries around the
world have their fair share of dumb laws, too!
Though Dubai has become a very modern city and
a hot tourist spot to visit, it still has some pretty
restrictive laws on the books. While it is okay to
wear a bikini on the beach now, be careful with
your public displays of affection. Kissing in public
in this city can land you up to a year in jail ! Even
holding hands isn’t tolerated. You can also get
arrested for swearing. And if you are traveling as
an unmarried couple, you’d better book two
rooms because staying in a hotel room with
someone you aren’t married to is also illegal.


2. High Heels at the Acropolis.
If you had dreams of being all sylish in your high
heels as you travel across Greece’s historical
sites such as the Acropolis, you can just pack
those stiletos away. It is illegal to wear high
heels while visiting any such historical sites in
Greece because they are worried the pointy shoes
will damage the stone.

3. Frowning in Milan

Milan, Italy actually has a law that requires it’s
citizens to smile at all times . The only
exceptions are when you are at a hospital or
attending a funeral. Anyone caught not smiling,
such as this unhappy little girl, can be fined $100.

4. Not Visiting Parents in China.

In China, your personal business is more and
more becoming the business of the government.
In 2013, China passed a law that would make it
illegal for you to not visit your parents “often”.
Children are also required to tend to their parents
spiritual needs.

5. Insulting the King of Thailand.

In Thailand, it is illegal to insult or accuse the
king in any way. That seems relatively reasonable,
until you realize how far these silly laws go. You
can even face jail time for insulting a deceased
king . It is also illegal to deface or disrespect
currency since it shows the image of the king.
This means that if you drop a coin or bill and it is
rolling or flying away, you can’t stop it with your
foot or you can be arrested. It’s better to lose the
money than your freedoom.
6. Murder in Hong Kong.

There is an incredible law on the books in Hong
Kong that states it is perfectly legal for a wife to
kill her husband if she finds him cheating on
her . There’s just one catch: she has to do it with
her bare hands!

7. Dying in the House of Parliament in England.

In England, it is actually illegal to die in the
House of Parliament. I would really love to see
how they enforce this one.
8. Forgetting Your Wife’s Birthday in Samoa.

In Samoa, it is against the law to forget your
wife’s birthday ! I bet all women wish this was a
law in their country!

© manab


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