the concept of ‘me’

I agree that all sages have said that we have to
know who we are – and unless we break free
form the concept of the self and Maya – we are
never going to understand the unverse and our
relationship to it. And again the word ‘our’ comes
into it – what does that mean ? But how do I get
out of that gradually. Do I HAVE to come to that
knowledge first – or can I go the other way
Can I try and distance event from time – or can
my mind do that – without first answering the
question ‘My’ ? Can I try and distance space from
time ? –
Perhaps that is the way for me. Because I find it
really difficult to go the other way – except
theoretically – do I believe it ? Yes I do – that
there is another reality outside the concept of
‘me’ – but there again it is a thought that
emmates from my mind – the same vehicle from
which the other thoughts about cause and event
emmate from.


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