One of the worst days ever. Woke up with the news that our exam results were about to be declared. I was a bit afraid since i sucked my exam badly. So checked my result at 11am with a hard beating heart. And then voila. I was all fucked up. Got backs on both my Physics Major Papers. All because of i didn’t give enough time to study or my obsession with the cyber world or what i don’t know.


Now i’m unable to concentrate on anything.  Its a hard day for me honestly. Never experianced such failure in my entire goddamn life. Maybe that’s why i’m feeling like a bit lost or wasted right now. I know i have all the required potentials to perform well.. But there’s something wrong which is why i lost my concentration for a while. And that costed me something big.


I can’t afford to let it happen again. Wasted the whole last year. Now either i will have to give repeat exam or i will have to start the Bachelor Degree a new.

First choice will give me a tough task as i will need to  appear in exam with four major papers.

The second choice means 1 year wasted in vein. Yet i’m prefering it over the first one. I will have a lot of previous knowledge it that case. And will have some old buddies as well.


Oh dear lord…..

I don’t really know what to do right now. My mind is in a massive dilemma. Still searching for that FOCUS i used to have. Where’s that old me?

Whatsoever, i’m not giving up on this. I love Phyisics and nothing’s gonna change that. I started something and i will end it someday somehow.


Today is a day of sorrow and failure for me. So why not make the same day of next year a happy and successfull one! Hope so. I will just have to make sure that there’s not a single stone left unturned.

Hard task? Obviously.

But it should be fun. I don’t wanna know at this moment. All i know is that i failed miserebly and i will have to fix this error. Come what may!

So most probably i will take admission in the first semester again, with new hope, with new determination. I feel humbled that i have so many people around me encouraging and inspiring all the time. I failed, but my dear ones performed pretty well. That makes me happy. Somehow i make myself happy with their success. I am glad i have them in my life.


Okay.. Done for the day..

THINGS WILL CHANGE………………………………………..

© manab


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