DAY 8:

Well… One hell of a day. Woke up late and didn’t go to college.  Had to attend a ceremony. Well, i spent almost 7.30 hours as a receptionist. Non stop. From 2pm to 9.30pm. now on bed watching IPL with a terrible headache and two shaking legs. Damn…!!!


What’s more is the news that our BSC 1st Semester result might be declared tonight. Still no sign on the website though. This is the problem of our education board. Uncertainity everywhere. Its been late already. I don’t actually understand what makes this that hard that it takes  4 and a half months to declare the results!


Only a student will understand the frustration it gives. Whatsoever, i just hope to get my result by the end tomorrow.

As i already said, i am tired as hell, now it has become difficult for me to keep my eyes open. So gonna sleep now. Nothing else to say. Good night world.


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