Bihu Celebrations now a days.

after spending many nights in Bihu Functions i have figured out what our current generation wants from a Bihu Function. and my observations show a bizarre side of our youth people. i will explain this later.. NO TIME RIGHT NOW. © manab

What Happens Inside A Black Hole?

No one has ever seen what the center of a black hole looks like. This is because black holes are nothing more than extremely small and incredibly dense points of matter. Because so much matter has been packed into such a small space, the gravity inside a black hole is tremendous. So tremendous, in fact, […]

Dumbest Laws from Around the World.

1. Kissing in Dubai. States across the US have been known to have some pretty stupid laws on the books, but America isn’t the only one! Countries around the world have their fair share of dumb laws, too! Though Dubai has become a very modern city and a hot tourist spot to visit, it still […]

i said…..

i said i could look after myself and i lied i said i did not need you and i lied i said i could do wihtout your love and i lied i said i was happy and i lied i said i did not need any anyone and i lied the truth was and is […]

who is the I ?

“The past is imagined – but somewhat real – yes ? It happened – but ofcourse now exists in thought only – although physical ramifications of past actions are real – yes ? therefore from that point of view there is a reality ?” But let us go slowly. It happened — so it seems. […]

the concept of ‘me’

I agree that all sages have said that we have to know who we are – and unless we break free form the concept of the self and Maya – we are never going to understand the unverse and our relationship to it. And again the word ‘our’ comes into it – what does that […]