our so called civilized society.

sadly our so called civilized and sincere people and their discussions are limited to facebook.. you see ‘I HATE POLITICS’ on their bio but later those same hypocrites criticizing others and giving some bullshit opinions.. wake up you morons. this is your country as well.. stop complaining. do your part for the sake of this country. don’t just show your arguing skills on Facebook. india need doers..

will be blogging in Assamese language also from now on.

warm evening. just came home from the playground.. hell tired. now watching IPL. i was thinking what if i blog in assamese language! i know it sounds weird but sometimes things aren’t easy to elaborate in English for me. while in Assamese, it becomes easy as well as incredibly awesome to read(because of my sarcastic sentences though). i may sound like pedantic, but believe me its how i am. what the fuck…! this vodafone network is gone again. duh.. i’m switching to Reliance tomorrow. hoping for a better experience. will be posting in Assamese next time, at least i think so. see you people. this weather is killing me…

deep words…

We live and breathe words. …. It
was books that made me feel that
perhaps I was not completely alone.
They could be honest with me, and I
with them. Reading your words, what you
wrote, how you were lonely sometimes
and afraid, but always brave; the way
you saw the world, its colors and
textures and sounds, I felt–I felt the way
you thought, hoped, felt, dreamt. I felt I
was dreaming and thinking and feeling
with you. I dreamed what you dreamed,
wanted what you wanted–and then I
realized that truly I just wanted you.

teaching isn’t a easy task.

so guess what..! i started to teach my cousin English. as i was a topper in English in my high school, i thought it it would be easy.. but no shit. its damn tough. even i start to stuck up in easy things in front of my student. God… how am i supposed to teach..! but hey! it’s a nice experience as well. now i have the chance to make English a easier and interesting subject to others. real test of what i learnt about English.. will be sharing my experiences on this. now time for a nap.. off here.. tada…

found you..

okay. WordPress is pretty good actually. lets me publish my posts directly though my android app. and its simple and clean, something i’m a fond of. so here i go people. will be publishing all my thoughts. all my secrets.. i’m excited..